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Kim Cardwell
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I was born in New Zealand and immigrated over to Australia in 1997. Your not going to believe this but I did everything possible to get out of sports days at school! Things have changed a bit since I have been here of cause I love the different styles of Martial Arts. And only just reached the level of 1st Dan level a couple of years back. I'm a Course Director in Diving but I haven't been diving in a while as my own business of First Aid Training, Personal Training and Nutrition take up most of my time. I love all the different people I get to meet each and every day. I am married to the most wonderful and understanding man. He helps me push myself out of my comfort zone and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. He is always behind me with every decision I make and although the Gym is not his thing, he loves that it's mine.


For my Current Fitness & Health Goals - I made a promise to myself that when I aged I would be healthy enough not to have to be helped with everything (especially getting around)! So.. my long term goal is just that.. Stay fit and Healthy. I'm currently really enjoying doing Fitness Competitions and I'm working towards bettering myself for next years comps As the saying goes... I'm a work in progress


My Nutrition -My favourite food.... Dare I say it... Fudge and White Chocolate!! There... I've said it... Let's be honest here... I'm human after all. In terms of what I eat... It's a rainbow. If it Grows from the ground, Fly's in the sky, Crawls the earth and Swims in the ocean.... That's my "diet" Oats, Yoghurt, berries and nuts for breaky I love a mixed veggie and fruit shake mid morning Meat and veg for lunch Yoghurt and Fruit for my afternoon snack Meat with either salad or Veg for dinner And Casein custard or cut up veg with cottage cheese for a night snack If I could fit more meals in I think I would be eating all day


With my training - I like to train six days a week and make myself have a one or two days off before doing it all over again. I mix it up between heavy and light weeks as you really have to protect your joints! I don't have a set in stone routine as I like to keep my body guessing and give it a good shock every now and then. It also helps to keep it interesting. A couple of years back I had a bad knee injury that required an operation. This means that I only have half a knee now so I always have to be mindful of that. It's important to strengthen the muscles and tendons around injuries, this helps to protect the joints.


With my current Sup stack I take around my workouts- Creatine Monohydrate - It helps enhance energy production in my Brain and Muscles L-Leucine - To help reduce my muscle catabolism L-Tyrosine -Helps keep me alert and focused during my workouts Three times a day I take CLA tabs with my main meals - Helps improve my fat loss and Body composition I don't usually use a pre workout but my fav if I need it is Pyro And for a good nights sleep if I feel I need it after a long day is Shredtime I also take a multi Vitamin, Magnesium and Vit B supps


 I have only been competing since 2012 and started off in my local comp to see if I really did want to go down that path.. In 2012 - I ended up entering 5 comps and managed to place in the top two (2) in all of them with one (1) Overalls included. 2013 - was only two (2) comps with again in the top 2 (one being an International comp). I also graded and achieved my 1st Dan level Black Belt in Taekwondo. 2014 - was only one (1) and I have to admit that I wasn't really prepared and entered more to see what the federation was like.. Hence I came 6th (but I know I deserved that placing) 2015 - was two (2). We had the GBR Masters Games here in Cairns with the B/B making it's first appearance and I was lucky enough to take my category and the overalls. Plus top 2 in the other again.


Wow!! There are just so many inspiring quotes out there! Where do I begin? The only competition that you should enter - is the one against yourself! Your Body will ONLY go as Far as your Mind will take you! No one can Motivate you - until you Motivate yourself! Steep outside your comfort Zone! Use it - or Lose it! Your body is your home... If you don't look after it... Where will you live?

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