Amanda 'mindy' Foster
Amanda 'mindy' Foster
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ASN Athlete - Amanda 'mindy' Foster

ABOUT ME- "BIO" Currently living in the top end Northern Territory. From Gold Coast Queensland, I have been a personal trainer for 7 years and in the industry for about 10. I opened a health food cafe and food prep business by the name of Karma Cafe and fitness and it has been open since 2015. I'm still extremely passionate about helping other towards there personal fitness and weight loss goals so the food buisness is my way of using my passion and helping people along their journey. I have done a few fitness modelling competitions and my next one will be WBFF Sydney 2017. I also love to train 6 days a week and travel the world and exercise.

CURRENT FITNESS/HEALTH GOALS Currently working towards my debut WBFF show in Sydney July 29th. Keep a healthy mind body and soul.

NUTRITION (EXAMPLE OF MY CURRENT DIET) Eggs 2, avocado , spinach, asparagus WP1 and almonds Atlantic Salmon and garden salad Rice cakes and almond spread Chicken sweet potato and veggies This is a sample of a lower carb day as I'm in preparation for my Julys show

TRAINING (CURRENT TRAINING) Mon- lower Tuesday- shoulders ,HIIT Wednesday- back and biceps Thursday- chest and trips ,boxing Friday-lower Sat- ice bath , massage recovery Sun-boxing HIIT

CURRENT SUPPLEMENT STACK (INCLUDING"WHEN" YOU TAKE THEM) Am Evolve greens in the Cort RX Vit c Pre work out WTF During work out muscle werks eaa and Bcaas Post work out Nutra key WPI Pm Magnesium

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENTS (Optional) INBA 3rd fitness model 2012 INBA First overall fitness model 2014 INBA First overall fitness model and sports model 2016

FAVOURITE INSPRING QUOTE I wanted to marry my dreams, so I cheated on fear and broke up with my doubt....