Amino Lean & Casein Custard Bundle

Amino Lean & Casein Custard Bundle
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Bundle & Save with the GenTec Amino Lean & Casein Custard bundle
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  • GenTec Amino Lean (60 Serves)
  • GenTec Casein Custard (320g)

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GenTec Amino Lean

GEN-TEC NUTRITION’S AMINOLEAN is a premium blend of instantised, free form amino acids with anti-oxidants; Vitamin C and Green Tea extract for individuals with a goal of supporting a positive nitrogen balance whilst reducing free radical damage.

With added L-Carnitine and Chromium Pic AMINOLEAN is also ideal for the consumer with a goal of maintaining a higher lean muscle mass to body fat ratio.

AMINOLEAN is a flavoured free form amino acid blend with fat metabolisers and anti oxidants, it is naturally flavoured and naturally coloured to produce a tasty, refreshing beverage to be enjoyed whilst supporting your goal of a lean healthy body.

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GenTec Casein Custard

GEN-TEC Casein Protein Custard is a slow digesting protein powder that can be used to increase your daily protein intake. Increased protein intake is vital for muscle growth, so combined with a sensible dieting and training regime, GEN-TEC Casein Protein Custard will help you build muscle. When taken before bedtime, GEN-TEC Casein Protein Custard will also dramatically increase muscle recovery.

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