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Trent Newburn
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I'm born and bred in Newcastle, NSW. I'm an electrician by trade, enjoy most outdoor sports including Motocross and Game fishing.


I have always tried to be active and in shape, but lack of drive and confidence made me plateau in the gym and with minimal knowledge in the diet and training department, I found it hard to get a solid answer to restore my motivation, this is where the 10week challenge began

My Challenge Journey...

The challenge started with an information night in the ASN Hamilton shop. Danny Pearson and the staff were great and it was very motivating to see the winner of the 2014 challenge Rowan Parker share his story and put into perspective what was going to be the journey ahead. I looked around and noticed some confused and disorientated faces but this was the kick-start I needed to bring my training back into the zone and I was very keen to get started on the challenge. The information given to the competitors was great and still to this day I refer back and look over the diet and training programs. We received the supplement pack and started the competition.

In the beginning it was time consuming with working full time, preparing all the meals and water intake, but once you get into a routine it becomes enjoyable to know where and what you will be eating and you make your life become very organised around training and diet. The diet was tough but when you begin to see results it will drive you to push on forward.
One big thing to remember is not to get disappointed if you think you aren't changing after a week or two, in reality your brain will play tricks on you and once the diet kicks in and your body gets into a fat burning routine then it will be astonishing how fast the changes happen. But at no point did I stray form the diet apart from a cheat meal once or twice a week but in no way make it a cheat day. The biggest thing I noticed throughout the challenge was that I felt great and had more energy than ever before. Everything is about consistency and making the time to train not the excuses why not to. The challenge is life changing and will improve your whole mindset inside and outside the gym. I am so happy that I took on the challenge and built a stronger better me.


My training consisted of 2days on 1 off 2days on 2 off. Toward the end of the challenge I added in an extra day of cardio. 
When training weights it would be till failure around the 10 rep range, and I would make sure to not train opposing muscles- not train arm day before back day as I would not be able to push as hard with training.
DAY1- Legs
DAY2- Back
DAY3 rest/ cardio
DAY4 Shoulders/ABS/CORE


Pre workout- GAT Jetfuse
During workout- Beyond BCAA
Post workout - Anabolic Injection
Throughout the day- Evolve 3 whey
Additional- BPM labs annihilate on ONLY CARDIO days

I found that if I had a fat burner or pre workout too close to my BCAAs it made me feel quite ILL and unstable stomach, I'm not sure why but had a couple of occasions and narrowed it down to this. Also read the directions, I wouldn't eat within an hour either side of taking fatburners. The best system to burn fat was to take it first thing in the morning and do cardio for 40minutes then, once at work at 6AM roughly an hour after fatburner taken have some protein and oats to start my day.


My mentality on training and diet has improved out of this world. The challenge changed my life and began my journey into the fitness world. It takes dedication and drive to get through the challenge and this also influences the other decisions you make in life, you meet like minded people and forget the old habits. Your life gets into routines and you enjoy being the more active healthier person.

After the 10 week challenge, I still had the training motivation for more, I entered a bodybuilding competition and have a new found commitment to grow mentally and physically. I have recently moved to the Gold Coast and still training hard and hope to compete later this year.

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