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Mel Hodgens
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I work full time in the Corporate Services Finance team at Tourism and Events Queensland and I also work a couple of days a week as a swim school teacher so life can get very busy.
Being so busy the easiest way for me to catch up with friends & family and not feel guilty about not doing a workout for the day is to combine the 2 ! A lot of my catch ups usually involve some sort of activity whether it be the gym & chat, some hill sprints & a chat (when we're walking down lol), job & a chat, bush walks anything really.


Before the challenge I had lost my excitement for training and basically became lazy for my food choices - I didn't eat junk as such, I just stopped planning most of my meals and just ate whatever was around me the time. Cloths became tighter and I became less and less motivated to get up and move - it was so easy for these new bad habits to just become 'normal' or 'routine'.
I was walking past my local ASN store and saw the Poster for the Transformation Challenge and got even more excited by prizes on offer !! I looked into it a bit more and after finding out all the goodies you got just by signing up, I knew I had run out excuses not to sign up.

My Challenge Journey...

I weighed in - took my photos and after hitting my heaviest weight ever I quickly got my act together wrote myself out some mini goals to get me through the challenge and also a rough plan re: training/food etc.

Having a plan was great and all but having a great training program doesn't train itself, nor does a food plan prepare itself. I had to really work at creating new habits that would get me to my goals by the end.

Food/other things I did :

- HEAPS of veges – mainly greens (like asparagus, brocolini, spinach, celery, cucumber, snow peas Kale etc) I eat like 2-4 whole cucumbers a day lol I love them !!, then for some of the other colours I would have red Cap, carrot, corn (occasionally), purple cabbage, tomato

- Snacks – hummus and veg sticks, boiled eggs, raw nuts and seeds, 1/2 a block of dark choc once a week

- Meats – I started having pretty much anything at the beginning of the 10 wks (lamb, pork, chicken, salmon, prawns, kangaroo etc) then in the last weeks I dropped it back to only white meats (chicken, fish, pork)  

quality carbs before and after training (sweet potato, brown rice, normal potato (once a week), mountain bread wraps, rice cakes) 

and I just had whatever fruit I wanted (but only 1-2serving' per day)

- Once a week or once a fortnight I would do a ‘raw day’ where I only ate raw food…like veges and hummus, nuts, salmon/tuna and drank cold pressed juices to give my digestion a break from not only all the food but also having to process all the meat!

- I didn’t stick to one straight out plan (I kind of have an idea of how much is a serving size for me too so didn’t actually weigh anything it was more done on sight)

- I would either do a 3main meals and 2 snacks kind of day or a 4main meal’s (no snacks and a pre/post workout piece of fruit and protein shake (it just depended on what I had on & what food I had prepped lol)

- Had one big cheat meal or a couple of treats over one day as my treat/cheat but if my partner was (he is a FIFO worker) was coming home one weekend I would save up my treats so we could go out and have it together, so would then go 2wks without a cheat (but having the dark choc kinda kept me satisfied anyway)

But the best advice I would give is….just be CONSISTENT…I had weeks where I would lose1-3kgs then others where I might put on 1kg but it would all balance itself out – you just need to be patient and keep trucking on, slip ups happen we all have them (we are human! And events pop up that you want to participate in so enjoy them – and then jump right back on the plan the next day) I used to have my ‘raw day’ the day after a cheat day so I wouldn’t continue on with the treat food

I had never done a Transformation Challenge before and was horrified at the thought of anyone seeing my before photos but I thought if I could work hard and be proud of my 'After' photos - all the discomfort would be worth it (and it was!!)
I started MANY of my own 'challenges' but they would last like 1-2wks before I quickly forgot about them but the ASN challenge was exactly what I need !!


 Pretty much anything and everything:

- Approx. 3-5 weight sessions per week

- 2-4 HIIT session (there are heaps on the net I just google HIIT sessions and there’s heaps of ideas or I just write my own before I go to the gym) there's some good HIIT sessions suggestions in the ASN shred ebook I liked doing too.

- And a couple of fasted cardio sessions per week in the mornings (about 30min) towards the end.


I tired ‘Alpha Venus’ for the first time and I think it actually helped me with my legs and hormonal balancing - LOVED IT;
- In the last 2 weeks I used ‘Block e3” and ‘subcut’ creams 
- Protein powder – Evolve & Protowhey 
- Every morning I would drink a ‘greens/multi-vitamin’ powder drink
- Oh I also took omeg3s, Vit.D, Magnesium & a quality Probiotic
- Towards the end I started using ‘Thermonuke’ & ‘L-carnitine’ 


Weight loss: 11.4kgs

BF loss: 12%

lost 45cms

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