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Jarrod Boyce
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I was born in Melbourne and grew up in Warrandyte. I have a twin brother Tristan who is also my business partner and best mate. I have a younger brother Zac who is the brains of the family but has red hair! I live in the Gold Coast and moved here in 2010. I own a house in Robina with my beautiful fiance Megan and our french bulldog Jax. I loved sport growing up and played AFL football, basketball, cricket, tennis and grid iron. I started weight training at the school gym at 15 years old and never looked back! I worked as a PT for 5 years whilst studying a Bachelor of Business which i finished in 2008. Ive traveled quite a bit and my favourite places so far have been the Greek Islands (Mykonos and Santorini), Sweden, London, Las Vegas, New York, Koh Samui, Laos and Bali. I part own ASN Robina which was the first one for Tristan and I back in 2011. From then we have gone into partnership with Ben Murphy and Joel Ibbotson to open up franchise stores in Gladstone, Rockhampton, Toowoomba and recently Mooloolaba. I love helping people reach there goals and pride myself on giving expert advice to all our customers. Bodybuilding is my main passion and a lifestyle i love. Its not the competing but the whole preparation and dedication it takes leading up to an event. I also do online PT for nutrition and training plans for competitions and also everyday people wanting to reach there own personal goals.


Continue to build strength in the main compound lifts - Bench press, Squats, Deadlifts and Seated Barbell Shoulder Press whilst staying under 10% bodyfat. And compete again in Natural Bodybuilding in 2017.


Meal 1 - 60g uncooked Oats, 60g blueberries and 1 scoop Evolve 3-Whey Meal 2 - Quest bar Meal 3 - 2 Turkey burger patties, 100g broccolini and 6 flavoured rice cakes Meal 4 - 170g small tub of Chobani flavoured yoghurt Meal 5 - 125g cooked chicken, 100g green beans and 200g white rice Inrtaworkout - P2P Post workout - Anabolic Injection Meal 6 - 120g cooked lean steak, 200g cooked sweat potato, 100g veges Meal 7 - 60g Casein custard with 20g Nutella


Day 1 - Upper Body - D/B Bench, weighted dips, Bench press, Seated row Day 2 - Lower body - Squats, stiff leg deadlifts, walking lunges Day 3 - Shoulders - Seated Barbell Shoulder Press, D/b shoulder press, lateral raise, lat pulldown Day 4 - Rest - 45min walk Day 5 - Back/Arms - Deadlifts, tricep pushdown, barbell curl, calf raisers, hanging leg raise Day 6 - Lower body - Leg press, Front squat, leg extension Day 7 - Sled runs, farmers walks, 30min walk


Evolve 3 whey - With breakfast Evolve Anabolic Injection - after training Evolve creatine monohydrate - 5g pre and post training Gentec P2P - intraworkout Evolve l-glutamine - 5g with post workout shake, 5g before bed Vitabolic - multi vitamin with breakfast Dust V2 - Pre wokout with added 3g beta alanine and 2g GPLC Alpha Mars Testosterone booster - 2 morning and 2 night Shredtime - 1 scoop 20mins before bed


2010 - 4th Novice Bodybuilding

INBA Victoria 2011 - 1st Novice Mens Bodybuilding and Overall Mr. Newcastle

ANB 2011 - 3rd Intermediate Brisbane

INBA 2014 - 1st Height class 2 Brisbane

INBA 2014 - 2nd Under 77kg Bodybuilding 2014 - 4th

Asia Pacific 2015 under 80kg  - 1st height class 2 + Under 77kg

INBA Tropix 2015 - 1st Under 77kg

INBA Qld 2015 - 3rd Height class 2 Bodybuilding,

INBA Brisvegas 2015 - 2nd Height class 2 and 2nd Under 77kg  


Lightweight baby! Nothing but a peanut! (Ronnie Coleman)

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