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ABOUT ME- "BIO" Fitness has always been a part of my life, but it wasn't until I had had two babies and ballooned 34kgs that it became a significant focus. I locked my sights on becoming a figure athlete very quietly and set about making the transition from "fat girl" to "fit girl", not telling anyone my intentions until I as about 10weeks out from stage when my bikini arrived. I'd worked like a beast with absolute, unwavering focus for 9months to take the stage, my life was completely changed. Incredibly that year 2015, I did so well I qualified for worlds, and represented Australia in Canada placing 3rd!!! I developed such a passion for health and fitness I threw in my job as an electrician and now run my own business, helping others to fulfil their potential through good nutrition and training. Asn supported me every step of the way and offered me a position as an ambassador after my first competition.

CURRENT FITNESS/HEALTH GOALS I am currently prepping for the WFF Pan America ProAm Cup in Mexico this October. My initial goal will be to qualify here in Australia, and then compete in Mexico. I'm working towards a trophy finish!

NUTRITION (EXAMPLE OF MY CURRENT DIET) I am currently off season dieting, in an old school fashion. Lots of eggs, milk, fruit and red meat. I don't restrict food groups, I do balance macros and micronutrients and my nutrition is based around optimising hormonal and metabolic responses.

TRAINING (CURRENT TRAINING) I love to lift! 5-6days a week, as heavy as possible with good form. I love old school compound lifts and using lots of free weights. I also do a lot of incline walking throughout my day though it's not necessarily part of my training schedule.

CURRENT SUPPLEMENT STACK (INCLUDING"WHEN" YOU TAKE THEM) Evolve Glutamine and Recoil BCAAs first thing and intra-training. Evolve or international protein WPIs post workout or in baking. Casein custard if I feel like something sweet at night. BSC bars!!! Yum!!!!

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENTS (Optional) 2015 ANB Newcastle classic 2nd figure open 2015 ANB Central Coast 2nd figure open 2015 ANB Nationals 3rd figure Open 2015 UFE World championships 3rd physique, 6th figure. 2015 Offered UFE Procard 2016 Nominee for Fitness Australia Student of the year 2016 awarded premier Personal trainer status 2016 Anb Newcastle classic overall figure champion

FAVOURITE INSPRING QUOTE "I didn't come here to be average", Michael Jordan. "Be humble, be hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room." The Rock.

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