Emily-Rose Baltus
Emily-Rose Baltus
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ASN Ambassador - Emily-Rose Baltus

ABOUT ME- "BIO" Hey guys I'm Emily-Rose, I live and breathe fitness, I started my fitness journey about 4 years ago when I was very ill and anorexic dealing with an eating disorder and other serious physiological issues. I personally gained 16kg in 2 years bringing me from an unhealthy anorexic at just 45kg - to a strong healthy body builder at 61kg. As I learned more I became hungry for more information and education about health and fitness, so I studied and became a personal trainer. I then went onto purchasing a local gym called Anytime Fitness Toowoomba, where I manage and personal train. Throughout my fitness journey I learned a lot about myself, I completely changed who I was both physically and mentally. I became hungrier and more devoted to helping others achieve this kind of success. I also run a YouTube channel and instagram account devoted to motivating and teaching others all about health and fitness. (Instagram @emilyb_fitness)

CURRENT FITNESS/HEALTH GOALS After beating anorexia/an eating disorder and gaining 16kg I have been maintaining a healthy, shredded physique all year round. I have been with ASN as an ambassador for 2 years now and I truly hope to become a sponsored ASN athlete.

NUTRITION (EXAMPLE OF MY CURRENT DIET) I stick to balanced clean eating: which means wholesome, nutritious foods. I have 5 meals a day which consists of a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fats. I have never counted my macros or weighed my food, I allow myself cheat meals and occasional nights out. I think the most important thing with nutrition and sticking to it is planning ahead & balance - balance ensures you do not under or over indulge.

TRAINING (CURRENT TRAINING) I train 5-6 days a week, mostly isolated weight training with 1-2 days of hiit/cardio workouts. I am all about smart training and getting the most out of my time and energy.

CURRENT SUPPLEMENT STACK (INCLUDING"WHEN" YOU TAKE THEM) I take oxyshred or define8 prior to working out (especially on hiit days). During my workout I take a BCAA/intra catalyst workout. My favourite is Xtend or muscle werks BCAA's. After every workout I always take a serving of my evolve whey protein.

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENTS (Optional) - Completion of cert 3&4 in fitness (Personal Trainer). - Owner & manager of Anytime Fitness Toowoomba Gym. - Personally gained 16kg overcoming an eating disorder and anorexia.

FAVOURITE INSPRING QUOTE "Stay humble, stay hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room." Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

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