Caitlin Mcguinness
Caitlin Mcguinness
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ABOUT ME- "BIO" I have been in love with fitness for as long as i remember but the last few years have been my most productive! 3 years ago my fitness came to a halt when i got chronic fatigue which put me in bed for 5 months and then another year of constant rest. I missed out on alot of school and general every day life activities. I lost quite abit of muscle and my love for gym and sport was buried but luckily I got back on my feet and worked hard with the help of my gym friends to get fit and healthy again.

CURRENT FITNESS/HEALTH GOALS My aim at the moment is to smash the next 4 and a half weeks of prep staying focused and positive on my training as well as my everyday life! After my comp I plan to continue my strength training and focus on putting more muscle on.

NUTRITION (EXAMPLE OF MY CURRENT DIET) At the moment I am on my comp prep diet which consists of a range of meats, fish and veggies which i am really enjoying. Alot of people have weeks of the same old food and cut back as they get closer but my coach is feeding me right up to the comp. Everything is specially planned out for my body and its working great i have so much energy and am leaning up as well as still putting on muscle.

TRAINING (CURRENT TRAINING) I am currently weight training 5 days a week with no cardio as i am leaning up from my food and training and dont want to lose muscle. I have a day for back, legs, chest, sholders amd arms aswell as training abs after every session. I train in the morning as my body reacts the best to it and i am the most rested

CURRENT SUPPLEMENT STACK (INCLUDING"WHEN" YOU TAKE THEM) I am on a range of sups from ASN including: atp science, alpha prime and cort rx which i would highly recomend for any hard working ladies out there, bioceutical products to help with joints, muscles and bones, international protein aswell as Iso Whey (double choc flavor which is amazing) ,Bccas to help with post training, creatine and glutamine. At the moment I take specific sups when i wake up, before training, during training, after training, lunch time, afternood and at night.

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENTS (Optional) 100kg squat 85kg front squat

FAVOURITE INSPRING QUOTE There are many inspiring quotes out there! But i love, "eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion" and "that beautiful flower was once a tiny seed dropped in dirt, covered in darkness and struggled to reach the light. Dont give up, keep growing!

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