Bryce Orrock
Bryce Orrock
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ABOUT ME- "BIO" Hi ,I'm bryce I'm a 20 year old from the Central coast new south whales, I have completed in sport from a national level in swimming and athletics and now training for my passion in bodybuilding to hope one day make a life out of it

CURRENT FITNESS/HEALTH GOALS National titles in season B comps

NUTRITION (EXAMPLE OF MY CURRENT DIET) Meal 1 150g steak 5egg whiles 20 almonds

Meal2 200g beef 200g sweet potato

Meal 3 200g Turkey 200g sweet potato

Meal 4 200g chicken 200g brown rice

Meal 5 250g steak 20 almonds

Meal 6 1xwpi

TRAINING (CURRENT TRAINING) Monday Chest/triceps Tuesday Back/bies Wednesday Legs Thursday rest Friday Shoulders /traps Saturday Chest or legs week body part day

CURRENT SUPPLEMENT STACK (INCLUDING"WHEN" YOU TAKE THEM) Before fasted cardio 10g glutamine 1x carnetine rx Preworkout 10g glutamine 10g creatine Thermonuke Intra Evolve bcaa Pure carbs gentec Post workout wpi

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENTS (Optional) 2015 country championships 1st place 2015 nsw state titles 2nd place

FAVOURITE INSPRING QUOTE Do what other wont and you'll achieve what others don't

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