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Bridgette Carter
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I'm a full-time working mum with two kids aged 6 and 10 years. Life is full on balancing work and family commitments and also finding time for myself. One of my children has a chronic illness where being active is important to stay well so we are focussed on building an active family lifestyle. Apart from keeping active, I love food - going out to restaurants, trying new things and different cuisines. I also love travelling, seeing new places and experiencing other cultures.


Before the challenge I was already active and had been for about 3 years (once I got my act together post babies!). I attend a gym with an amazing bunch of supportive people and love going to work out with them. So I would go to the gym 5 - 6 times a week. However my diet was not the best. I wasn't eating enough protein, I was getting tired and run down a lot and meals were not planned so we would eat too many fast and not so healthy meals. So as a result my overall fitness was OK but I wasn't really seeing any big changes in the amount of body fat I was carrying around. I wasn't happy with the way I looked and wanted to do something to change this.

My Challenge Journey...

I started off thinking Ill give it a shot, I don't really have anything to lose. I made some small tweaks to my training program (running the dog instead of walking and making sure I was getting three weights sessions a week.) The big changes made were to my diet and supplements. I planned the weeks meals in advance and shopped in advance. I also stuck to taking the supplements (and found it wasn't as scary as I thought LOL). I allowed myself one meal a week where I could eat anything I wanted (because I love food and life is for living!!). To my amazement I started seeing results straight away. My bloating subsided, I was feeling more energetic and I was loosing weight. The hardest time was about week 3 where my body started to realise that it wasn't a fad- I felt off for about a week but then everything picked up again. As the challenge progressed I learnt more and more, I got better and better at balancing my macros and also at planning meals. My standard recipe repertoire got a make over and I now had a list of easy and healthy recipes that I could use. As the weight continued to drop I saw not only a change in my body shape but also a change in my overall fitness and confidence. I was getting fitter and leaner, loosing fat without suffering substantial muscle loss. I was getting better results than I ever imagined. To see the change from beginning to end I was shocked. I knew I had tried hard but didn't realise I could get that good results in 10 weeks. The support of the online community, the advice from the ASN staff and the quality products offered combined with my diligence and hard work all made the challenge a very positive experience.


I train up to 8 times a week. I don't do the traditional weights body part days as most of my training is in a group setting. I loved what I was doing so I just amped it up a little. I get up at 5am to train on weekdays plus have a couple of afternoon sessions while my son does Karate in the same gym.
Monday am: 1hr Cardio Boxing
Tuesday am: 30min Run with the dog
Tuesday pm: 1hr Weights session 
Wednesday am: 1hr run or interval training (sprints/stairs)
Thursday am: 1 hr weights session
Thursday pm: Cardio - plyometrics / circuit 
Friday am: 30min Run with the dog
Saturday am: 1 hr weights session
Sunday: Rest Day!


Evolve Lipo Whey 
Carnitine RX
Casein Custard
Alpha Venus

My absolute favourite is the Casein Custard - it really satisfies the sweet tooth while being beneficial in increasing the protein in my diet and aiding recovery while I sleep. I've dieted before but never had the results I have had from the challenge (and I ate more too!!) Focussing on macros and using the supplements were definite keys to my success.


I lost 7kg and approximately 7% body fat. I have more energy, my metabolism has sped up and my body confidence has improved a lot. I have also found that I have become stronger and fitter. My running has improved dramatically and I'm lifting heavier than before.

Im continuing to train, eat a clean diet and monitor macros and calories. I've even inspired my husband who is now also weights training, using supplements and monitoring his diet in order to gain muscle. My aim is to get down to 20% body fat (I ended the challenge at ~24%) and continue to get stronger and fitter in the process. I want to continue to learn about the diet and macros that best suit my body. It was never about a 10 week competition for me, rather starting a journey and embedding sustainable changes into my lifestyle to make me and my family fitter and healthier.

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