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thlete profile : James "Can Do" Hackney

Name Mr James "Can Do" Hackney
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Nationality Australian
Height 176cm
Weight 77kg
Profession Business support officer & pro athlete

"To dream is one thing to accomplish your dream is another, however if you can be the best that you can be you've won life altogether.."

Overview (A Little About Me)

I was severely injured in a car accident when I was 2 years old. I have brain damage which is an open head wound. I have lost my vision in one eye by 70% and lost all my surrounding vision. I'm paralysed down the left side of my body and have very little use of my left arm and hand. I have a limp which is to do with my spine and I love to inspire people who want to be inspired. I love the fact I'm like this and love the fact that people love to listen to my story. I love hugs, good friends and a great laugh.


I love sport cricket and athletics is my first loves I don't mind a dance and I love motivational speaking.

Favourites (Food, Bodyparts, People)

Spag bowl

Motivations (What Motivates Me)

watching people go wow how does he do that and the will to reach the top if I can you can too.

Training History (Years, Location, Trainer)

I've been training and competing in athletics since I was six its the only sport I can do since football and cricket are to dangerous so I've been doing it for 22 years

Training Schedule (Training Style and Tips)

6 days a week on the track I spend 4 hours a session and in the gym its 2 hours consisting of cardio rowing machine and bike and leg extension and leg press to help with my left leg lat pull downs are great and love doing sit ups and boxing

Competition History

I am the current QLd state champion for the 100 metres for the T37 class and took the title away from a Olympic 100 metre champion.

I am also the current QLD State Discuss Champion!

I have competed at the world championship trial competing against Olympians in 2007

in 2008 I was ranked number 3 in Australia for the 100 metres

I have been nominated for the national disability awards 2008 and 2009

Goals (Future Plans and Career Expectations)

To reach the para-olympics and to win gold either in 100 metres or discus and to represent Australia

Media Coverage (Calendars, Magazines and Newspapers)

Only in the local paper 5 or 6 times and local news tv 5 or 6 times.

Upcoming Muscle & Fitness interview... late 09.. stay tuned!!

Best Advice (Fitness, Health and Training)

Never ever ever give up!!
Go hard or go HOME

My Preferred Supplements (buy online)

thlete gallery : James "Can Do" Hackney

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Kerrie & Simon with James - June 2010
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Mick Galley and ASN Owner Simon Rees with James
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James in the ASN Hoodie - June 2010

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