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thlete profile : Adam Gordon

Adam Gordon 2012
Name Mr Adam Gordon
Gender Male
Marital Status De Facto
Nationality New Zealand
Height 182cm
Weight 77kg
Business Sky Fitness
Profession Health & Fitness Trainer
Qualifications Degree in Sports Exercise Science

"To fail is to actually succeed..."

Overview (A Little About Me)

I'm an endurance freak that has grabbed a pair of old running shoes and made a run for it in marathons and triathlons at a national level.

In the past 2011/2012 I my ability as an inspiring young professional athlete in the world of triathlon/ironman has spiraled out of control.

My willingness to dedicate my self and be influenced by all walks of life has lead me to wanting success not just in triathlon but threw everything I do.
Being surrounded by inspiring athletes and amazing clients I deal with every day, the lessons I have learnt and the hick ups along the way have really shown where my focus is and what is important to me in every aspect of my life. Health and well being is absolutely what I live and breath and threw nothing but a fantastic support crew such as ASN my ability to climb the ladder on the world stage would not have happened.(cheers simon & kerrie).
This past year as signing with World triathlon Cooperation (wtc) as a professional athlete really has opened my eyes up to what is possible and what success can bring should you surround yourself with like minded people.
I no it's said all the time but what ever it is you throw everything you have at. If you can look your self in the mirror every night and say I have done my absolute best and everything possible to what ever it is you truly love and are passionate you will always be successful.
My Achievements this past year etc have been nothing but an eye opener to what is possible being a sponsored elite ASN athlete is fantastic and could not think of a better Product I use and trust to be a face of.

Lastly the ASN brand you and I both know is not for the faint hearted but truly sums up training QUALITY.."


Triathlons, marathons, anything that involves wearing runners.
Professional cafe conusor and anything that is outdoors and fun.

Favourites (Food, Bodyparts, People)

Fave food is chicken, chocolate and melon Anabolic Window. Fave body parts on others... legs and little toe.

Motivations (What Motivates Me)

The ability or change in someone saying that they 'can't' to overcoming the obstacles and succeeding. Seeing that that smile on their face or puffing their chest out proud when they reach their goals is priceless.

Training History (Years, Location, Trainer)

> Otago ELITE Institute of Sport
> Les Mills International
> Academy of Sport.

Training Schedule (Training Style and Tips)

Resistance to body weight (explosive power training, plyometrics, grid running, ladders, Para shoot drills, Chin ups, dips and press ups).

Spending quality time on your legs is the biggest piece of advice I can give. Also giving your body the time to adjust and recover from the impact of training is the best form of conditioning.

2-4 x runs per week with every run different in time, speed and distance (don�t get caught up in recording times when first starting or you set yourself up for disappointment as every run has different conditions).
1-3 bike rides mixing up with indoor cycling and road riding.
Swim time, work in blocks with interval training, breathing is the key to your success in the pool.

Nutrition (Examples of My Diet)

White meats such as chicken, fish and heaps of it! I put this with salads vegies and nuts. I also generally have one big meal of pasta once or twice a week.

Competition History

RESULTS: 2011/2012

Qld oympic distance champion
Hell of the west 3rd pro men
Qld Duathlon champion
Foster ultimate 3rd pro men
Batemans Bay ultimate 4th pro men (elite energy ultimate elite professional men's series winner)
Cairns 70.3 4th pro men
World 70.3 championships 12th
Canberra 70.3 9th pro men.

Results 2010/2011:

Australian Ironman 6th
Qld Duathlon championships 4th
Kingscliff olympic triathlon 1st age group
NZ long course championships 13th
Qld Gatorade sprint/series 5th
10km Ronald Mc Donald Charity run 1st
Ford ironman world champs Hawaii 31st
Hell of the West 4th
Mooloolaba ITU triathlon 19th
Australian ironman 70.3 1st
-fastest amateur memorial trophy
-qualified for world 70.3 championships USA

Best Advice (Fitness, Health and Training)

No matter how much we strive to succeed, we must never lose sight of what our goals are. Succeeding is one thing, but feeling good 'within' means a whole lot more. Training is about fun as well as winning... The minute we forget this we lose sight of what it is in life that makes us the athlete we are.

My Preferred Supplements (buy online)

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