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thlete profile : Sam Eastlake

Sam & his lovely bride Jo
Name Mr Sam Eastlake
Gender Male
Marital Status
Nationality Australian
Age 32
Height 174cm
Weight 82kg
Business Australian Sports Nutrition
Profession ASN Owner of Miranda, Mackay, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin and Cairns Stores

Overview (A Little About Me)

Participating in sports became part of my life from an early age. Through my teens I enjoyed playing cricket and in particular Rugby Union. However I
was always too small and knew I needed to add some size to my frame in order to compete at a higher level.

This led me to embark upon a 5 year mission of weight training, and supplements in order to achieve those goals. In the process I added 17kg's to my frame and became 'addicted' to weight training and supplements as many people will understand!

Through these experiences I have come to understand a lot about nutrition and training, and can now fully appreciate the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and how supplements can play a vital role, especially with the busy lifestyle's most of us lead these days.

Training Schedule (Training Style and Tips)

At the moment I train 4 days a week (weights), and do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2 days per week with the TP fight team at Caringbah.

Supplements Used

Any hard gainers out there will appreciate the effort involved, and it couldn't have been done without the supplements that helped me along the way.

I highly recommend a good Post workout recovery mix of WPI and Carbs such as Nutrabolics Anabolic Window. Most people neglect taking carbs post workout mistakingly thinking that they will store them as fat.

I take a low carb slow release blend of protein before bed such as Evolve 3-Whey.

Other supplements I recommend are:

- Evolve L-Glutamine (3 serves per day)
- Scivation Xtend BCAA's (during training)
- Nutralife Fish Oils
- Primaforce CLA
- Vitamin C

Please feel free to email me with any Questions about supplements & training.

My Preferred Supplements (buy online)

Anabolic WindowNutrabolics : Anabolic Window
I use this straight after weight training . . . buy online

3-WheyEvolve : 3-Whey
I take this every morning with my breakfast and every night before bed. . . . buy online

L-GlutamineEvolve : L-Glutamine
I take 1 large teaspoon in every protein shake i have . . . buy online

Omega 3 Marine Fish Oil 1000mgNutralife : Omega 3 Marine Fish Oil 1000mg
I take 2 of these with 1 Primaforce CLA, breakfast, lunch and dinner . . . buy online

thlete gallery : Sam Eastlake

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Sam & his lovely bride Jo
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mr sam eastlake
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Sa, Dave Palumbo, Simon & Matt @ Arnold Classic
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Sam, Arina Manta & Simon @ the Arnold Classic
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mr sam eastlake
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sam with his girlfriend jo
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Sa, Mel Zimmerman & Roj @ FILEX 09

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