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At whether you're on your way to the top or just want to get your body into shape, we can base our recommendations on years and years of experience.

eal Plans

Below are a selection of meal plans put together by Charlie Duca IFBB World Champion to assist you to reach your goals. Meal plans include "Muscle Gain for Females", "Muscle Gain for Males", "Weight Loss for Females" and "Weight Loss for Males". Click on the meal plan that most suits your goals to download and print.

Muscle Gain

Weight Loss


Muscle Mousse

Oh yes..protein mousse you can make at home....this is delicious!!! . . . more information . . . +


This quick & healthy recipe has been ingenuously cooked in the George Formeman Grill!! . . . more information . . . +


This easy & yummy recipe is a creation of ASN Athlete, Marcus Davidsson, who likes to enjoy these on a Saturday morning. . . . more information . . . +

Turbo Berry – Post Workout Smoothie

Make this delicious shake to consume post workout!! Yumm!! . . . more information . . . +

Mama Maria's Lo-Carb Pizza

With just a pinch of carbs and plenty of protein, this pizza is one body shaping, mouth watering slice of heaven! . . . more information . . . +

Garlic and rosemary Lamb with parsnip and carrot chips.

Try this yummy & healthy roast... your whole family will love it!! . . . more information . . . +

Easy Cheesy Quiche

Bake up a scrumptious easy-to-prepare quiche with 34g body shaping protein per slice. . . . more information . . . +

Tuna Melt Casserole

Another winter warmer to keep the spirits up. This is a really easy dish to make. The fact that it creates very little washing up (always a bonus) and . . . more information . . . +

Meal Replacement Bars

Make these easy bars for a yummy bulk up or high energy snack for on the go!! . . . more information . . . +

Thai Chicken Balls

Here's a yummy recipe for healthy Thai Chicken Balls....ASN Customer Joe Scott provided the recipe that he found on the Aussie Bodies website. Thanks . . . more information . . . +

roduct and supplement information

The intake of Protein

The truth as to how much protein we really do need. . . . more information . . . +

Meet The Stars of the Vegetable World

We’ve heard it time and again: “Eat your vegetables.” This is sound advice for good health, but does it matter which vegetables and . . . more information . . . +

Magnesium May Minimize Hot Flashes

Finding safe and effective ways to ease hot flashes can be a challenge for many women, but a new study in Support Care Cancer reports that supplementa . . . more information . . . +

Get More Bang For Your Buck

How many times have you heard the words “Make sure you have a protein shake immediately after training!” uttered from the mouth of your Pe . . . more information . . . +

Zinc may ease female anger and depression: Study

Daily supplements of zinc may reduce measures of anger and depression in young women, according to a new study from Japan. . . . more information . . . +


In the first part of this article , we discussed the role of Good Fats in our Diet and the way in which they were responsible for assisting our body t . . . more information . . . +

Magnesium and Your Performance

There are numerous benefits that magnesium supplementation can give you in improving your athletic training, performance and recovery. Many athletes d . . . more information . . . +

Eat Good Fats to Burn Fats

For Years now , there has been much controversy about what sort of Fats are in our diet , and what sort of Fats So , here are the things we need to . . . more information . . . +

Diva Pack!!

The Diva Pack is designed for busy woman who are on the go. It's a complete pack containing 4x products which takes the guess work out of your nutriti . . . more information . . . +

Eating On The Run

Out of Time? Learn How to make the Best Nutrition Choices. . . . more information . . . +

Healthy Hormone Balance

Healthy Hormone Balance Female hormonal issues are on the rise – PMS, painful, heavy or irregular periods, fibroids, endometriosis, poly . . . more information . . . +

Killer Carbs- Part 1

Carbohydrates are misunderstood and needlessly made confusing by so many self assuming experts. Carbohydrates are often viewed as the enemy and consum . . . more information . . . +

Silly Season Tips and Tricks to Taking Care of your Health

It's that time of year again, the festive season is filled with many social occasions upon which we often relax our health and fitness routine and all . . . more information . . . +

Women and Protein = Results

As a trainer one of the most common things that I hear, especially from women is, do I need to take a protein supplement? . . . more information . . . +

Winter weight loss, here we come!

It’s that time of year again and summer is well on its way! The sun is shining, the new bikini is beckoning and the fun has begun for Christma . . . more information . . . +

Fight fatigue with Specialised Sports Supplements for Endurance Athletes

In my line of work, I dedicate over 70 hours a week, managing to inspire and energise numerous people everyday – My name is Liam Quixley and I . . . more information . . . +

Arakan training enhanced by Sports Supplement recovery

I am a 27 years old, Events Manager for V8 Supercars Australia. A few years ago I felt that I needed to become more physically active and mentally hea . . . more information . . . +

The Power of Sleep

Symptomatic of the crazy busy lifestyles many of us lead, sleep and it’s importance gets quickly forgotten when there are a million tasks to complet . . . more information . . . +

7 Secrets of Successful Healthy Habits

INBA Figure Champion & Conditioning Coach, Sara Picken-Brown of Pocket Rocket Productions, outlines some helpful dietary hints to keep you from crying . . . more information . . . +

On the road to recovery thanks to Primaforce

When I was fifteen I twisted my knee badly during a netball game, tearing the cartilage. From then on I was on crutches twice a year for around four y . . . more information . . . +

New Year! New Start!

With the new year upon us and the festivities of Christmas behind us... it's time for a new you. These top 10 tips will help you get back on track. . . . more information . . . +

Weight Loss - Common Problems

As a dietitian, one of the most common problems I see with weight loss patients is meal irregularity. It seems to be a widespread belief that skippin . . . more information . . . +

How Carbohydrates affect Weightloss

Pick up a magazine, watch prime-time television, or surf the net and you are bound to see numerous references to carbohydrates and the glycemic index . . . more information . . . +


Hydration is regarded by many to be the area that a sports supplement has the greatest potential to enhance performance, and this applies to a wide va . . . more information . . . +

Cola or water

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (Likely applies to half world population). In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it i . . . more information . . . +

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