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Winter weight loss, here we come!

By Karen Harding, Elite Sponsored Athlete & Channel 7 Gladiator

It’s that time of year again and summer is well on its way! The sun is shining, the new bikini is beckoning and the fun has begun for Christmas parties, spring social events and a lot of other things you want to look your absolute best for- You know that this is your new year!

If you are anything like I used be, then taking protein powder as a sports supplement might scare you. I always thought girls who drank protein would put on weight and 'bulk up' which is something that only men wanted to do. So over the course of several years of exercise, I treated whey protein like poison, daring only to have a tiny sip before declaring 'I’m full!'

Times have since changed and everyone from your mum to the young female at high school now know that protein shakes are the new “IT” thing to take and include in a weight loss program to ensure optimum healthy nutrition. For those of you achieving weight loss in the short term by using meal replacement drinks (MRP’s) from varying chemists, what you may not know, is that there are more options available which I believe to be far superior to these chemist sachets.

To start with chemist MRP’s generally use skim milk powder as the base protein source for their product. Why bother...? This is not the cleanest source of whey you can get and it attributes a higher sugar content per serve to the MRP. Specialise sports nutrition stores, such as ASN have much lower carb options in pure whey form to help you achieve a sustainable weight loss through limiting insulin response.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying carbs are bad and to avoid them, but if you are keen to get results it’s best to choose the low GI, whole-food kind. For me? I like to eat my carbs, not drink them! Why you ask...? By reducing sugar and carbs in liquid form it assists the body in maintaining even blood sugar levels, thus preventing fat storage. This is important especially on non active days or after a certain time of the day, when the body cannot utilise carbs for energy and stores them as fat... Not good for said bikini!

Here is my alternative! When i want to look fantastic and be in shape for a gladiator outfit(!) I keep my carbs low and take a highly efficient fat burner to help me with energy, motivation and weight loss. Fat burners essentially work on brown fat cells (bad fat) to empty their contents and rid the appearance of unsightly body fat. My favourite at the moment is the Nutrabolics Inferno. Not only does it include natural products to help increase fat burning potential, but it gives me a bit of an energy boost when I need it too.

Ladies, don’t forget, if you have never tried a protein shake before then start basic and work your way up. The Evolve Diva Whey is a great low carb, low fat protein shake made up of blended whey’s to keep you fuller for longer. If you’re keen to jump into a kick-start weight loss pack then team the Diva Whey with a fat burner and fish oils. It comes in an exclusive Evolve Diva Pack at any ASN store.

To have a team of expert body shapers, fitness, health and nutrition experts at your fingertips’ at Australian Sports Nutrition, it’s actually not hard to make an educated decision from their advice on what would weight loss products suit your body; even if you have little to no knowledge in this area. Most supplements are suited to anybody at all- new mums, middle-aged parents or the young adult. Even if you’re just looking to shift some winter warmth you have accumulated over the last few months, ASN can help you! It’s not cheating; it’s simply making it easier on yourself because you probably do too much in one day already!

Keep it simple and talk to the ASN Experts and feel free to ask me questions via the ASN website anytime!

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Karen Harding

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